I am Jenna Pace, and welcome to HBIC!

Self Worth

Worth is vital to your happiness. If you don’t feel good about YOU, its hard to feel good about anything else.

Love is Pure

The best way to be loved is to love yourself.

Stay Connected

Connection is the energy that exists between two people when they feel seen, heard, and valued.

About Jenna

I’m a writer, visionary, qigong enthusiast, health conscious, animal- loving, human being! Being human comes with struggles. I have learned from experience, life is not always sunshine and butterflies, but it also doesn’t always have to be miserable. For a decade, I went down a really dark path full of parties, boys, addiction, and self- destruction. I came to realize that all of my problems had one thing in common, me! I needed to make some changes or I wasn’t going to live a very long life, so I decided to get up and start loving myself, every damn day. This is my journey, from addiction to self- love and empowerment. My hope is that by sharing my story and following my dream, I can encourage you to love yourself enough to know you deserve everything you want in life and more!

About HBIC

HBIC is a non-profit blog I started to document my journey from self- destruction to self-love. My goal in sharing my story, is to inspire you to love yourself; if I can do it, you can too! I believe our perception of the world is really just a reflection of what is going on inside of us. Have you ever woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and everything just seems to be going horrible all day. You go home and reflect, “this is just my luck, or its’ always me”. Well, this is because your energy is vibrating out to the Universe, “I am miserable”, so the Universe will present you with situations to confirm your belief. When you start to believe your life is a gift, and you love who you are, the Universe will reflect all of that amazingness back to you. Not only do you feel better, but the world responds to you differently! My greatest hope is that I can inspire you to believe you are worthy of manifesting your dreams. The greatest connection you can ever form is the one with yourself. Join me in becoming the HBIC of your life, because you deserve it!

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